Yes, you’ve heard the rumors: Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling are teaming up with Steven Spielberg to make the movie version of this year’s indie-hit book. On the other hand, it may all be hype.

Which brings us to  Guy’s Guide to Feminism … The Talk because this is exactly how you’ll get co-author Michael Kaufman to your campus or community for an incomparable night of humor, serious conversation, story-telling, and hard-hitting analysis.

Republican presidential wannabee Newt Gingrich says: “I’d pay a million bucks to hear this talk, but then again, that’s what I make for an hour’s consulting fees, so….”

President Obama says: “I’ll veto any suggestions that this isn’t the most informative, thoughtful, and entertaining way you can spend a couple of hours.”

North Korean Beloved and Totally-Supreme Fearless Leader Kim Jong-un says: “You want to see beloved and totally supreme? This talk rocks.”

The rest of us say:  Just write


But don’t stop there!  You can also bring Michael Kimmel to your campus or community for his fantastic lecture that will grip, entertain, and deeply inform:
“Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men”.  In 1950, most Americans had completed the transition from adolescence to adulthood by age 21 or so. Today, it’s more likely to be by age 30. It’s a new stage of development, and Kimmel is our tour guide in this presentation based on his best-selling book, GUYLAND. Based on interviews with more than 400 young people across the country, Kimmel offers a glimpse of why so many guys are adrift through their 20s, and offers a road map towards a more conscious adulthood.  To book Michael Kimmel, visit:

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We’re bringing you two excerpts this week, different but in a way related.

First up is “M is for…Military”.  On the surface it focuses on the assumption that men are meant to be warriors while women’s job is to stay at home. It looks at the assumption that women shouldn’t be in the military and sexist attitudes within the military. (Of course, as two men who work for peace, we could have many things to say about armies, wars, and the military, but here we’re focusing on one area of discrimination against women.) In passing, it touches on the type type of pressure that goes into turning men into soldiers.

Second is one of our very serious entries: “Rape as as Weapon of War.”

As always, we appreciate your feedback and your tweets.  Here are this weeks excerpts: Military & Rape as a Weapon of War.


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It’s Human Trafficking Awareness Day in the US so our Excerpt of the Week is on just that: Trafficking.  But since it’s a very short entry, we’re also including our entry on the Sex Trade and Prostitution.

Millions of women and men are trafficked into prostitution and trafficked into slavery in some very horrible jobs and inhuman living conditions. So if you find yourself tiring at the endless awareness days and months, think of it this way: they’re simply a vehicle to raise awareness and encourage all of us, including those with political power, or whose voices in the media or from the pulpits holds authority, to speak out and take action. Or simply think of it this way: your fatigue at endless awareness days is small potatoes compared to what some people endure day in and day out.

Both entries are right here: Trafficking.  Sex Trade/Prostitution.

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About twenty years ago, the women’s movement almost tore itself apart in it’s debates on pornography. What is porn, what isn’t?  How best to respond — education?  criminalization? creating feminist erotic alternatives?  Who is to decide what is pornography and what is art? How to stop degrading images of women (and men) without giving free reign to fundamentalists who’d like to see all erotic images censored?  Does porn by definition lead to violence against women? Is it, by definition, violence against women? Is sexism with clothes off worse than sexism with clothes on?

Our latest “Excerpt of the Week” doesn’t attempt to answer these many questions. Nor does it focus on what appears to be the increasingly brutal nature of mainstream porn since those debates. But, the widespread availability of degrading images of women certainly does concern us. So, let’s take you inside the office of a Hollywood producer to see what he, his favorite (male) director, and his female Executive Assistant have to say.  Fade in….. “P is for…Porn”

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Yeah, we’ve used a lot of humor in The Guy’s Guide to Feminism. We want the book to ring true and be fun to read. But it isn’t all fun and games. This week’s excerpt is about rape and sexual assault.

As men who care about women, it really pisses us off when we hear guys joking about rape. As men who love women, we think it’s time for all men to stand up and say, “Enough!” As men who care about our brothers, it’s time we reach out to them  with messages about sexual consent and about respect.

We also included a second excerpt, “C is for … Consent.”

Read on, at “Excerpt of the Week.”


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Courtney E. Martin:

"The Guy's Guide to Feminism is the book for guys on how to be more authentic and fight for a more just world."  (Courtney Martin is the editor of

Don McPherson:

"Feminism touches everyone, everyday. Kaufman and Kimmel guide us through a conversation that is imperative in our society--and they do it with clarity and humor."    (Don McPherson is a College Football Hall of Fame Quarterback and is, now, a social educator.)

Gloria Steinem:

"From sexist ads to honor killings, there are seventy-plus feminist issues explained in The Guy's Guide to Feminism--a relevant, inclusive, funny, and straight-to-the-point explanation of how and why feminism improves life for the male half the the world, too." (Gloria Steinem is, well, Gloria Steinem.)
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