Yes, you’ve heard the rumors: Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling are teaming up with Steven Spielberg to make the movie version of this year’s indie-hit book. On the other hand, it may all be hype.

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Which brings us to  Guy’s Guide to Feminism … The Talk because this is exactly how you’ll get co-author Michael Kaufman to your campus or community for an incomparable night of humor, serious conversation, story-telling, and hard-hitting analysis.

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Republican presidential wannabee Newt Gingrich says: “I’d pay a million bucks to hear this talk, but then again, that’s what I make for an hour’s consulting fees, so….”

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President Obama says: “I’ll veto any suggestions that this isn’t the most informative, thoughtful, and entertaining way you can spend a couple of hours.”

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North Korean Beloved and Totally-Supreme Fearless Leader Kim Jong-un says: “You want to see beloved and totally supreme? This talk rocks.”

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The rest of us say:  Just write

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But don’t stop there!  You can also bring Michael Kimmel to your campus or community for his fantastic lecture that will grip, entertain, and deeply inform:
“Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men”.  In 1950, most Americans had completed the transition from adolescence to adulthood by age 21 or so. Today, it’s more likely to be by age 30. It’s a new stage of development, and Kimmel is our tour guide in this presentation based on his best-selling book, GUYLAND. Based on interviews with more than 400 young people across the country, Kimmel offers a glimpse of why so many guys are adrift through their 20s, and offers a road map towards a more conscious adulthood.  To book Michael Kimmel, visit:

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One Response to Guy’s Guide to Feminism…The Talk

  1. Stephanie says:

    Thank-you so much for writing this book and using humor to enlighten and protect the importance of feminism. The fact that my boyfriend now wears a shirt saying “I make feminism look good” is just one way you have helped him understand. We now have a little girl on the way and both of us want an equality based world for her to thrive in. Thank-you Micheal & Micheal! From all three of us.

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