E is for … EDUCATION!


Science News Flash (1873):

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Some startling research proves once and for all that it’s a bad idea for women to be educated.   Careful observation shows that women who go to college have fewer children.  The reason, Harvard professor Edward Clarke tells us, is obvious:  Allowing women’s brains to grow means their wombs will shrink.  The conclusion: Since this could lead to depopulation, it’s best to keep women out of the classroom.

Demography News Flash (2012):

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In our colleges and universities, well over 50 percent of students are women.  They’re the majority of medical students, law students, and business students.

What Happened In Between?

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HYPOTHESIS ONE:   In the 1880s, women’s dresses were too large to fit into classroom seats.  Styles have changed, so now women can get an education.


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We’d all agree that education is key for anyone to better him or herself.  The United Nation calls education a fundamental human right.  It’s key for anyone to really be able to participate in a democracy.

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It’s also key for societies to grapple with deep-seated problems such as disease, unemployment, overpopulation, and inequality.

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Although the number of women in higher education crept up progressively during the last century, it wasn’t until the rise of feminism in the late 1960s that it really exploded.

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That’s because women realized the obvious:  They were as capable as men in intellectual achievement.  They had the right to pursue careers just like men.  Meanwhile, the economy was changing and families required two income earners.   And to seal the deal, the availability of birth control (fought for by feminists) meant that women could pursue an education without interruption by unwanted pregnancies.

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More than that, feminists on campus figured that the lives and experiences of half the population was a subject worth studying.  They wondered why women’s experiences were secondary in history courses, why women scientists and writers were underrepresented in the curriculum.  They figured this meant the usual curriculum was “men’s studies.”  So they decided to create a whole new field called “women’s studies.”

Oh Yeah

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It’s true.  As that Harvard professor observed way back in 1873, when women get more education, they do have fewer babies.

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It’s not because their wombs shrink.

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It’s because their options grow.

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Do you believe that women should have the right to:

  • Vote?
  • Go to college?
  • Drive a car?
  • Open bank accounts in their own names?
  • Enjoy sex?
  • Work in whatever occupation they might choose, and get paid the same as men when they do the same work?

Did you answer yes?

Then you better lie down. . . . You’ve probably caught feminism.

The feminist contagion has spread far and wide.  It infects both women and men.  Most people in North America, Europe and many parts of the rest of the world have caught it. The terrible truth is that, nowadays, most of us support these rights and actually see them as basic rights of individuals in a democracy.



What was it like before we had to worry about being infected?  For one thing, women had none of these rights.  Ask your mother or grandmother: as recently as the 1960s, she had to get her hubby’s signature to open a bank account.

How did the contagion spread?  Not by being ladylike.  Women spent a hundred years campaigning for the right to vote (and winning it first in New Zealand.)  They fought for a century to control their own bodies and work alongside men in the jobs of their choice.

Yeah, but aren’t things equal now?   This disease is relentless.  Give ’em the right to vote and they want the right to equal pay.  Give ’em that and they want childcare as part of the public education system.  And, who knows, when they get that, they’re going to expect an end to rape and partner assault.  This disease knows no bounds!

Those infected will admit that things are pretty good here compared with some other parts of the world (and, compared to even 25  years ago).  But then they’ll have the nerve to point out that even the United States has never ratified the United Nation’s Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women; they’ll tell you that Congress turned down an amendment to prohibit discrimination against women.

What Are the two main symptoms?   The symptoms are simple and terrifying.   It starts with one empirical observation (about the state of things) quickly followed by a moral position (about how things should be based on that empirical observation.)  That’s all it takes!!!

Here’s what to watch out for:

The empirical observation is that, in our society, women and men are still not equal.  (Beware: if you find yourself noticing men form the big majority of those who run local, state and federal governments, major corporations, colleges and universities, religious institutions, and media conglomerates.  Beware if you find yourself losing sleep because women earn about 70 cents for every buck that men make.)

The moral position is even simpler: it should not be this way.

A Contagion that spreads everywhere!   Feminism can spread into every nook and cranny.  We’re not just talking about public life, or jobs, or pay.  Once the virus invades a person, it starts a mutation in their personal life!  You start thinking that in our personal relationships women deserve to have total respect and dignity!  That they should be a partner in all decision-making!



The virus really has it in for men.  doesn’t believe that male biology causes men to rape or pillage or not listen or hog the channel changer.  It actually believes that men are basically good!!!!   It believes that men can (and should) be ethical, emotionally present, and accountable to our values in our interactions with women — as well as with other men.

Women who’ve caught feminism not only expect men to act in honorable ways, but have a deep belief in our ability to do so.

Beware, my friend.  This is very insidious stuff.



* Watch out if you buy a T-shirt with a slogan like: “A Man of Quality Isn’t Threatened by Women’s Equality.”

* Be scared, be very scared if you find yourself thinking that our masculinity is actually confirmed by our willingness to stand up for what’s right, , even when the cause seems unpopular.

* Run for the hills if you wear a T-shirt that reads:  Real Men Support Feminism.


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